The Mortgage Process

Here’s a look at the entire mortgage process from start to finish. Use these links and information to answer all of your questions quickly online. If there is something not covered here or you want to speak to an expert call (760) 565-2436 or click here to email us. 



Get Pre-Approved
First thing’s first. This is your first step into the home buying process. Before talking about interests rates and thinking about what color you want to paint the kitchen you need to be fully pre-approved. 

Search for the Home 
Now it’s time to get serious. You are armed with your pre-approval letter and your lender has all of your financial information and credit report. Now what?

Offer Accepted
The seller accepted your offer. Congratulations! What happens now? Now we go to work..


The seller, buyer and lender need to establish a value for the property. A licensed appraiser needs to inspect the home. Click here for more information on appraisals and how they work.

Congratulations Your Loan is Approved!
The lender will likely request further documentation from you that your loan office will help you gather and submit.

  • Go over approval details with your loan officer
  • Gather and send in any needed items quickly
  • The Closing Disclosure or CD is issued and a 3 day waiting period is required

Final Closing

  • All inspections are in and cleared. Appraisal, termite and home inspection
  • Your employment is verified by the lender with a phone call
  • Schedule and sign your final loan documents
  • Congratulations! You just bought a home!





Frequently Asked Questions

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